Power of God-Given Talent: Super human Geniuses

They describe themselves as “home of compelling and award-winning documentary content”.  This is  Real Stories which was launched in Autumn 2015 and has grown to include over 300 high quality documentary and factual titles, including over a dozen BAFTA and Emmy award winning programmes. Drawing on a rich seam of human interest stories, the channel covers everything from true crime and incredible humans through to hard-hitting current affairs. Now regularly exceeding one million views a day, it includes licensed content from the best broadcasters, distributors and producers in the world and original documentary films commissioned by the Real Stories team.

WTF recognizes the work done by these highly talented or gifted individuals and are keen to recommend for further awards. By researching and producing such exciting videos, they have touched us big time in exposing gifted and talented people that would would have been ignored by many.

Stating that “Genius is mysterious and various”, their shows take a look at five different geniuses, each of unique gifts and captures something of their lives and talents. There is Ainan Celeste Cawley, an eight year old science prodigy, studying Chemistry at degree level. There is also Akiane Kramarik, a child prodigy painter, Kim Peek, the famous savant, Ben Pridmore, a Memory Champion and Ariel Lanyi, a ten year old child prodigy pianist.

Please watch these amazing videos about Superhuman Geniuses and know the power being gifted or talented….

Power of God-Given Talent: Super human Geniuses

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