About Us

In the world today, many governments, organizations and institutions have been putting emphasis on the importance of talent. This has led to the growth of numerous talent organizations and associations. Some of these organizations make talent shows while others concentrate on conferences to share ideas of gifted and talented education.

In so doing , most of these organizations seek funding to inspire young people about their talents without actually knowing their real talents. As a matter of fact these organizations use the excuse of talent to generate money that is used to fund and make them rich in the guise of organizing conferences that, yes, share some knowledge but ultimately never really support individual talent. To them, Talent or Giftedness is generally connected to academics; a fact that has confused the whole world to believe that those with talent or giftedness should do very well in academics.

Worse, those who try to believe differently think that talent or giftedness is to do with to sports, music, dance, etc and these are all meant for those who cannot make it in academics. The World Talent Federation makes a departure from these organizations that boast of many years existence with no practical solutions.

Why claim of over 30-40 years of existence and in your conferences you speak of challenges, problems and more problems, year in, year out? Instead of wasting time on inspirational talks about talent and giftedness, the World Talent Federation focuses on practical, professional and scientific methods in Gift and Talent Identification, Assessment and Development of “talent genres” for children, youth and adults.

The World Federation provides a network of membership, pool of experts, and affiliate institutions that help harness advocacy while providing direct support to deciphered talent .