Terence Tao is an Australian- American mathematician who has contributed enormously to the field of mathematics. He is a recipient of ‘Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science’ and ‘Fellow of the Royal Society’. Tao’s interest in mathematics developed from childhood, and he has achieved success because of his work ever since he was 10 years of age. Tao and another mathematician, Lenhard Ng are the only two people who have achieved a score of more than 700 in the SAT Math section. He is known for his and notable works such as ‘Green-Tao theorem’, ‘Tao’s inequality’, ‘Kakeya Conjecture’ and ‘Horn Conjecture’. Tao has won a number of awards and has authored various books over the years. Currently, he is focusing on different branches of mathematics such as geometric combinatorics, harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, algebraic combinatorics, arithmetic combinators, compressed sensing and analytic number theory. In addition to this, he is teaching at the Department of Mathematics at UCLA. Along with teaching, he is also a part of ‘Analysis Group’ at UCLA, and editor of various mathematical journals.

Nancy Ajram is a Lebanese singer, multi platinum recording artist. She is three time winner of the World Music Award. Nancy began performing as a child and released her first studio album by the age of 15. Nancy Ajram was born on May 16, 1983. Nancy Ajram is Goodwill Ambassador for the UNICEF. By 2007, Ajram had sold over 2 million records ranking 3rd best selling female artist in Lebanese history. She has released seven studio albums to date and appeared in many music videos and commercials. Nancy Ajram considered as one of the decade’s most important superstars of the Middle East and Arab world, Ajram has sold, by 2007, over 30 million records ranking 3rd best selling female artist in Lebanese history.

In the past three years, while his classmates were doing homework and playing sports, Moziah Bridges built himself a $150,000 business.

That’s right–he started his business when he was 9 years old. Not yet a teenager, Bridges now has five staff members and has received a ton of media attention, from an appearance on the TV show Shark Tank to features in O magazine and Vogue.

Nayla Al Khaja‘s family never wanted her to be a film maker. And today, she is UAE’s first female director. According to the Arabian Business, Nayla has done five short films. She owns a production company D-SEVEN. Through her films, Nayal touches most on social issues and has won several awards for her work

Kim Peek was born with a truly extraordinary brain, one that lacked the cluster of nerves that connects the two hemispheres. But as he grew, this abnormality led to some surprising abilities.

By the age of two, Peek was already able to memorize huge amounts of information. He also had an unusual ability to read books at an incredible speed. Peek could finish most books in under an hour while remembering almost everything that he had read.

Part of this ability was informed by the fact that he could actually read two pages, one with each eye, at the same time. Scanning the right page with his right eye and the left page with his left eye, Kim Peek spent most of his life reading.

Combined with his incredible ability to store information, this turned Peek into a walking encyclopedia. For instance, Peek could give detailed driving directions to cities across the world based on maps he had simply once glanced at.

Akiane Kramarik is an American child prodigy in the fields of art and poetry. She was born in 1994 in Mount Morris, Illinois being the third of four children and born to a Lithuanian mother and an American father. Her family was atheistic and rarely talked about spiritual matters, but one day when she was four years old Akiane experienced having visions of heavenly and spiritual dimensions. Because Akiane was home-schooled, and had never been out of their sight, the parents were certain that no one else could have influenced Akiane’s sudden and visions about the spiritual realm. After having these experiences and visions she started to paint what she saw and she has painted ever since and does so every day. She says that her teacher is God and that she learns by her own mistakes and through observation.

Her original masterpieces have been selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars which makes her the most successful living visual art prodigy in the world. A portion of the money generated from sales is donated by Akiane to charities. She is also writing poems and plays the piano aswell as speaking four languages; Lithuanian, Russian, English and Sign Language.

Jonah is a 12 year old self-taught drummer. He’s never had a lesson, and plays songs as he hears them, and how he thinks they should sound. He doesn’t “play it like the record”, he plays his way. He doesn’t have to learn how to play a song; he just has to hear it. Jonah spends between 1 – 2 hours per week playing drums.

Ariel Lanyi, born in 1997, began piano lessons with Lea Agmon just before his fifth birthday and made his orchestral debut at the age of 7. Since then, he has given numerous recitals in London, Paris (including Radio France), Rome, Prague, Brussels, and regularly in concerts broadcast live on Israeli radio and television. He has appeared as a soloist with a variety of orchestras in the United Kingdom and Israel, including the Israel Symphony Orchestra and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, and has participated in the Israel Festival, Prague Music Performance, Tempietto Festival in Rome, the Ravello Festival, and the Young Prague Festival. As a chamber musician, he has appeared with members (including leading members) of the Prague Philharmonia, the Czech Philharmonic, and the Israel Philharmonic, among others. In 2017, Ariel was awarded first prize at the Dudley International Piano Competition. Future engagements include recitals in London venues including Wigmore Hall and St. John’s Smith Square, a recital in Antwerp’s deSingel (replacing Till Fellner), and a debut appearance in the Miami Piano Festival.

Artist Alison Silva had long been fascinated with the fantastical, but her own life darkened in 2006 when she suffered a cavernous malformation hemorrhage in the left temporal lobe of her brain. Silva subsequently suffered crippling migraines, seizures and disturbing visions. Her condition, which could bring about a deadly hemorrhage at any time, left her with an unenviable decision: operate or not.

Ultimately, Silva decided not to proceed with the operation, partly inspired by the role neurological conditions had played in the lives of many of her creative idols, including Lewis Carroll. Choosing her ability first, Silva has said, “I’ve always felt like I was in wonderland, but this time around I was forced to go through the looking glass into my own reality.”

Christopher Michael Langan (born March 25, 1952) is an American independent scholar known for his claim of having a very high IQ. In an interview, Errol Morris on First Person in 2001, related that his IQ is “somewhere between 190 and 210”. As a result of his supposed score, he has been described as “the smartest man in America” as well as “the smartest man in the world” by some journalists.

Langan has developed a “theory of the relationship between mind and reality” which he calls the “Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe” (CTMU). Influenced by the works of John Archibald Wheeler and Stephen Hawking among others, the work’s central thesis is that reality is a self-processing, self-referential language, embodying a dual aspect monism and consisting of “infocognition”, or information that resides in “syntactic operators” within reality.

While the 10-year-old Serrell was playing baseball in 1979, the ball hit him on the left side of his head as he made a dash for first base, causing him to fall to the floor. Eager to keep playing, he did not report what had happened and so did not receive medical treatment. But, after the resulting headaches eventually subsided, Serrell noticed a hitherto undetected ability to make lightning-fast mental calculations involving extremely complex figures. He’s also reportedly able to remember what the weather was like, and what his activities were, on every single day since that fateful baseball game.

British Elaina Smith is a very wise and straight-talking 9-year old girl from Coventry, West Midlands. What’s so special about her? Elaina is the world’s youngest agony aunt. She was snapped up by Mercia FM when she was only 7.

Ainan Celeste Cawley, 11, is a scientific child prodigy. Ainan gained international attention when he passed the Chemistry O level exam at the age of 7, an exam aimed for teenagers over 16. He entered the Singapore Polytechnic when he was 8, becoming the world’s youngest student ever to attend a third-year tertiary module.

Nicknamed das Wunderkind, Pee-wee Picasso or the Prodigy of Color, Aelita Andre is a four year old abstract painter. Actually, she is the youngest professional painter in the world. Art critics have compared her work to Picasso, Salvador Dali, Wassily Kandinsky or Jackson Pollock.

ADespite his young age, Hamad Al Humaidhan has already distinguished himself as a professional artist. The eleven-year old boy from Kuwait stunned the world of art a couple of years ago. His rare talent has earned him comparisons to cubist genius Pablo Picasso.

Marko Casalan is a 10-year old little genius from Skopje, Macedonia. At the age of 8, Marko was officially recognized as the world’s youngest certified computer system admin. Widely regarded as the Mozart of Computers, Marko passed many of Microsoft’s exams for IT professionals.

Despite his young age, Hamad Al Humaidhan has already distinguished himself as a professional artist. The eleven-year old boy from Kuwait stunned the world of art a couple of years ago. His rare talent has earned him comparisons to cubist genius Pablo Picasso.G

The Indian teenager gained international attention as a physician, despite never attending or graduating Medical School. While most of us were playing with cars and dolls at the age of seven, Akrit performed surgery!

I adore this child! The no. 1 goes to Ethan Bortnick, pianist, songwriter, composer, entertainer and one of the world’s youngest philanthropists. Ethan, 11, has helped raise more than $25 million for so many charities.