In the process of Talent Based Learning, there will be need for additional skills and knowledge that may be obtained from traditional academic learning units or life experiences. However, these may not require the learner to pick up an entire course but only sections of a course that is relevant to the “Prescribed Talent Focus”.

Thus a learner may pick up some course units or modules from traditional learning systems BUT with the freedom to exit such programmes intermittently and without the feeling of ‘an examination is on the way’ or with the intention of examining the learner on the course unit or module.

The organization of the learning will thus be flexible to allow the institution hosting these units or modules flexibility just like clinics would do when dealing with patients before final referral to a main hospital for final treatment.

This makes the setup of Academic Clinics to be significantly different from schools, colleges or university setups where students learn based on a known syllabus for a registered course, till the end of it. The Academic Content Providers are thus the Academic Clinics.

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