Talent Based Learning

Talent Based Learning (TBL) and Talent Development

Talent Based Learning (TBL) is significantly different from Academic Learning in which access to education is based on grades and the end product is also grades! TBL is based on the concept of “there must be a professional medical assessment before prescription”. Talent thus becomes the driver for passion resulting in “intuitive learning” rather than “academic learning for grades”.

In the TBL, the career of a learner is known beforehand and the learning process assembles learning kits that best match the learning , product, and expressions styles of the learner.

As a culture we project our own norms, values, expectations, “head-sets,” and beliefs onto kids/potential learners/students. We often create curricula which has little relevance for many students. Not all students can become “Renaissance People,” nor should they.

Different strengths in brain functioning require different educational technologies. The “core” is within the student; forcing a “core” onto students frequently creates resistance, avoidance, angst, pain. We all know the drill.

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