Talent Validation

Once a specific “Talent Genre” or “Potential Giftedness” has been clearly known ( professionally and scientifically), the next stage is “Talent Validation”. Talent Validation is used to confirm specific facts about your unearthed talent genres.

For example, if found to have athletic or geo-spatial talent genres, Talent Validation is used as a further but specific investigation to ensure that all “talent rubrics” are workable and reliable over the period of your active life. It will go further , with standard and dynamic kits, to Talent Validation just like manufacturing process, seeks to use prior Assessment Reports evidences to establish scientific evidence that the Gift and Talent Assessment process is capable of consistently delivering quality products. It is a quality assurance measure ahead of official certification.

Thus Talent validation ensures that when you tell a parent “your child is athletic, spend more time on a football field and you’ve got him”, you can be near 100% sure of the future of that child. It would actually be wrong to forecast the career of a young person through a misdiagnosis, and then fail even to confirm it. It will not be only a waste of talent but a total waste of family resources, effort and eventual career of such a young person.

In some selected cases, where the person is an adult, who has experience coupled with talent, a Talent Validation would be most appropriate without the need of the professional screening procedures. Although a Gift and Talent Screening may take just hours, Talent Validation may take much longer as it requires verifications and re-evaluations. On completion of a Talent Validation Process, you will be issued with a “Certificate of Talent”, alongside a “Talent Prescription”.

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