Talent Advocates

A Talent Advocate is the guide and link for members, delegates, affiliates and Gift & Talent Clinics through the Gift and Talent Screening and Development platform. They have a close pulse on the ground and use these insights to help members or would –be members to be successful in their Talent Screening, Talent Development / Talent Based Learning.

In other words, they are the on-ground advocates, who forge links with Talent Envoys, Delegates and Talent Scouts. They are the experts that children (6-15 years old ), youth( 16-30 years old) and adults ( 31+ years) can lean on; they provide guidance on how or what to prepare for, and ensure that the full process aligns with each individual’s career or specific talent goals.

The Talent Advocate will ideally have a firm understanding of how Gift and Talent Clinics work, and the processes that all categories of Members would go through to register and access services as well as a follow up on success and challenges in individual clinics within jurisdiction.

You’ll be working with around 80-100 candidates a month (hand delivered by our Talent Scouts and Curation team) to guide them in the full understanding of our services. A Talent Advocate does not simply care about getting someone an assessment, but improving every detail that goes into finding “amazing me”.

Talent Advocates are not graded on endless metrics but rather work towards creating the most enjoyable, transparent and efficient Talent Awakening experience possible. A Talent Advocate is usually proposed by an Affiliate in a region and there will be ONE Talent Advocate per “Region” within the locality of the Affiliate.