Talent Envoys

As the name suggests, Talent Envoys are Diplomats of Talent. One of the primary functions of a diplomat is to build and improve relations. In this role, a diplomat offers guidance on topics that affect the well-being of the people and governments.

He/she also works to resolve disagreements and negotiates solutions to political, economic and social differences that Talent Based Activities would essential outlay. In so doing, he/she accomplishes these tasks by connecting with leaders and decision-makers at government, community level and members leadership at large.

By virtue of this, Talent Envoys promote peace, support prosperity, and protect citizens while advancing the interests of the WTF in a continent. Working with WTF Executive Committee, Talent Advocates and Delegates, Talent Envoys must therefore have in-depth experience and connections with government and government agencies especially foreign missions.

They will thus provide access to Heads of States and their ministries so that governments may adopt policies related to creation of Talent Clinics in individual Countries (for Gift and Talent Screening/Assessments, Talent Based Learning/Development). They will essentially be people of great influence across countries , respected for their giftedness and grace.

Talent Envoys may be nominated by Talent Advocates, Delegates or Members at large BUT may also be appointed directly by the WTF President in consolation with the Executive Committee of the World Talent Federation. There can be only one Talent Envoy per Continent.