The Membership Groups offer World Talent Federation (WTF) Members a place to come together and be a more powerful force shaping the WTF itself, your institution, your expertise, and your future network. The WTF Membership has six discipline-specific that will each serve to take your WTF Membership and profession to the next level. Share your expertise, voice, and vision with your peers – get started today!
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World Talent Federation Membership were formed to allow Members to have a greater role
influencing how WTF serves to enhance Members’ work collaboration, sharing and advancement of knowledge.

  • Build relationships and engage with relevant stakeholders to enhance your expertise
  • Make recommendations for discipline-specific WTF training, certification and other programs that
    will directly benefit you
  • Advise WTF on programs and policies, legislative matters, code adoption issues, and other matters of interest to you
  • Grow your network and collaborate with peers from within your discipline or talent genre
  • Serve as a voice for your profession to enhance the public’s understanding of your work and value.

WTF’s success is driven by the unity and diversity of its Members. The strength and solidarity of our organization allows us to better serve our membership and communities, and promote a shared vision of a safe and sustainable world using God Given Talents. If you are not a member, but would like to participate in one or more of Membership Groups then click here to join today.

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The World Talent Memberships consists of 3 Essential Memberships Groups ;

  1. Individual Membership
  2. Institutional Membership
  3. Corporate Membership