Affiliates are organizations (private or public) that share The World Talent Federation’s ethos and philosophy including furthering the objectives of WTF. Usually they are “Continental Regional” associations, councils, federations or any similar group that are formed to further the interests or development of Gifted and Talented Individuals or groups in their regions.

A “Continent Region” is a “continent” divided into 4 or 5 Regions covering a group of countries. Thus in a “Region”, there will be 4-5 Affiliates. Such organizations usually apply to WTF Headquarters for recognition and approval and listed as “arms” of the World Talent Federation in their regions. Affiliates usually have demonstrated and a strong history of advocacy and direct support of the Gifted and Talented (Children, Youth and Adults).

They must have commensurate resources to carry out Professional and Scientific Gift & Talent Screening / Assessments. They thus have or are in collaboration with fully equipped Gift and Talent Clinic (s) dully approved and registered by the World Talent Federation. Where a Potential Affiliate does not have Gift and Talent Screening Resources, but has good physical facilities, the WTF Hq may donate the kits to the affiliate.

An Affiliate may create as many Gift and Talent Clinics as may be approved by WTF Headquarters in a region. WTF Affiliates enjoy direct access to a wide range of services from WTF Headquarters and this includes but not limited to Experts, Access to Talent Assessment Kits, Research and Publications, Use of WTF Logos on promotional materials, etc

Finally, Affiliates have the mandate ( in consultation with Talent Envoys, Advocates and Delegates) to organize conferences in their regions and are usually supported fully be WTF Headquarters.

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