Talent Experts

Modern society depends on experts, or people with unique abilities or specialized skills and experience in certain areas.

The Field of Gift and talent Screening presents an area in which “everyone claims to be an expert”. This is the same case in education where everyone knows everything.

For instance, parents and child advocates have continued to use their naked eyes to know children’s talents or careers. Through basic observations, quick conclusions are made:

“The way he runs, I think he will be a great athlete…It will be worth taking him to the a football academy or similar”

“Wow wow…the way that young lady made the speech, she can easily become our president”

“He score all straight “A”s in national examinations, he will easily join university for medicine or engineering… His parents must be lucky”

These are the sad situations in the field of Gift and Talent Screening, Validation and Development. Everyone believes they know peoples’ talents by mere observations.

It is for this reason that the World Talent Federation insists on Scientific and Professional inclination towards Talent ID, Screening, Validation, Talent Based Learning /Development. The World Talent Federation maintains a database of experts so that people can access expert services without the temptation to fall for quacks Experts, upon application, are evaluated, approved and listed.

The following categories of experts are currently available:

Talent Screening Experts – These are experts that carry out Gift and Talent Assessment/ Screening. Any psychologist, psychiatrist or those in related fields may qualify to be Talent Screening Experts. A little re-training may be necessary .

Talent Based Learning Experts – These Are experts that implement Talent Reports and Prescriptions. They carry “general” Talent Development functions.

Talent Genre Development Experts – These are highly specialized people who deal with unique Talent Domains e.g. Geo Talent Expert, may be best placed to deal with Geo-Spatial Talents

Talent Mentors – These are experts that deal with Soft Skills Values prescribed after screening. They will be on the ground to provide the “real-world” values to those under Talent Based Learning. Mentorship is very important in Talent Based Learning /Development and the World Talent Federation has organized mentors into “Continents, Regions and Countries”

Talent Credit Awards Experts – These are experts that will link Talent Based Learning outcomes with usual Academics. They have the ability to use non-verbal kits and generated credit values that are comparable and transferable to usual academic diplomas and degrees.