Executive Council

The Leadership of The World Talent Federation (WTF) is vested in the Executive Council. The Executive Council is the governing body of the WTF. It is ultimately responsible for the stewardship and management of the WTF’s affairs and accountable to the members. Day-to-day management is delegated to the Chief Executive and, through them to the Executive team.

Council consists of NINE APPROVED AFFILIATE HEADS  who serve  a three-year term ( See separately meaning and details of an “Affiliate”).  The “Affiliate Heads” are the leaders of the individual approved Affiliates.

The AFFILIATE heads will agree, among themselves, on four Officers – President, Deputy President, Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, THREE Members at large and the Chief Executive. The agreed officers details will be officially communicated to members within 7 days of such agreement.

The term of the officers expire by 31 st March at the end of the three year period and new officers start by 31 st May in that year. Previous officers become “caretaker” over the vacuum period.

The Chief Executive is appointed by Affiliate President in consultation with all Affiliate Executive Council Members but has no voting rights and sits in the meeting of the Council as he/she is responsible for picking up policies made by the Executive Council.

Beyond the Executive Council and Chief Executive, there are Delegates who are on-ground representatives in a country, Talent Advocates – who represent “Regions” within a continent and Talent Envoys – who provide advocacy at continental levels.

Finally, there are Talent Mentors, Talent Scouts and Members at large who provide the country assembly known as the “congregation”. For further information about Council and its committees request for By-laws for Council