Delegates are on-ground and dully active members of the Federation in a particular country. They are made up of Four (4 ) elected and voting delegates from each of the countries in a Region. The Delegates are elected by members in the country and are categorized as:

1. Two Youth ( 20-30 years) – 1 Male, 1 Female
2. Two Adults ( 31+ years) – 1 Male, 1 Female

Once elected, the delegates will agree among themselves, who will be:

Country Talent Speaker – Set agenda in consultation with WTF Sec. General, Control and Coordinate Meetings; communicate resolutions to Executive Committee through WTF Sec. General

Country Talent Deputy Speaker – Assistant to Speaker, Takes charge in absence of speaker

Country Talent Secretary – Take Minutes and maintain records

Country Talent Liaison – Events coordinator, Public Relations, Social media, etc

Delegate Assembly

The Delegate Assembly is a congregation of Members in a country and provides direction to the Federation, its officers and committees through the adoption of resolutions. The Delegate Assembly comprising Members and the elected Delegates meets at least twice a year. The Chair of the Assembly Delegates in a country is the “Country Talent Speaker” assisted by “Country Deputy Talent Speaker”, “Country Talent Secretary” and “Country Talent Liaison”. All resolutions adopted by the Delegate Assembly will be communicated to the Executive Committee Directly by the Delegate Chair of that Country. i.e. the Country Talent Speaker

The Executive Committee, having studied the resolutions, may adopt or request for amendments and share the same with Talent Envoys and Advocates in that continent or Region. All Delegates are eligible to attend World and Continental Conferences and take part in elections. Delegates can apply for any position as long as they have served for at least one term (2 years).

It is the delegates that vote to elect Officials of the World Federation of Talent:
a) Executive Committee Members –World Delegates
b) Talent Envoys – Continental Delegates BUT President may nominate and ask for delegate votes
c) Talent Advocates – Regional Delegates BUT President may nominate and ask for delegate votes